maanantai 4. huhtikuuta 2016

Hannibal season 3 & some planning

Hello everyone!

It's been a long time again. As I said, I was at my friend's house in Tikkurila the whole Easter! A minor spoiler alert here, about Hannibal season 3.
It was surprising, but I loved every second of it. Rue had to witness my emotional dying for Hannibal in a leather jacket, it's like the best thing ever happened. Also I liked it that Bedelia left to Italy with him. The ending was not as heartbreaking than in the season 2. Still, it was freaking sad and I was mentally screaming- BUT! In the end where Bedelia sits by the table which her leg is served on, there is two more seats.. HMMMMM
Spoiler alert ends here

All I can say is that I need that season 4. At least it gives me comfort that Mads is playing in the same movie with Benedict Cumberbatch and it's not even that long time before the movie will be out! Or well.. Time goes by so slowly for those who wait.

I enjoyed my time in Tikkurila very much. All thanks to Rue who took such a good care of me and was the best company I could've wish for. We had some sushi and dipped pretty much everything else in soft cheddar cheese, huff! Also I got some so delicious tea I drank only one litre of tea in the whole three days! It was so good, Chocolate tea from Victorian!

Coming home was quite relaxing, and I met two of my friends the following week. With Onni we went trough some second hand shops and got some croissants, yeh! The next weekend I was at my dad's again. We didn't do anything out of ordinary, though we listened to music a lot! He bought Steve Morse's own cd from Japan, and we checked it out. It was great!

I'd love to go shopping soon too. It feels like it's been such a long time since I've treated myself getting something nice.. I scrolled ebay yesterday and I'm quite sure I'll get some lashes n socks soon. Now that I'm getting paid regurally every month it's much easier to figure out when you can go online shopping n stuff.

School stuff isn't exactly owerwhelming me but it's still causing some anxiety. Gotta work hard!

Today I had some really delicious rhubarb black tea I got from my auntie, - goshhh it's so good!

Hope you're all alright, see you!

~ Zou

perjantai 25. maaliskuuta 2016

Hannibal season 2 & Netflixing in general

It's been a while!

It really took some time from me to get used to my normal day routine again, that's why I havent been writing. I'm so sorry! I was about to write this a couple of days earlier but I only ended up watching BoJack Horseman and eating cake. Feel me?

Anyway, when I arrived to Finland on Thursday, I went to school on Friday. I spent 2 hours altogether talking about my trip in different classes, and I also went to tell the 7-graders about Japan's pop-cultures because the teacher asked me to. It was fun, I liked it!

Well, coming back wasn't that awful. There are some things I really like in Finland, the +2meters personal space, the lack of people, the fact that no one cares about your business if they don't know you, the no need for any small talk,-- those are some examples haha.

I also was finally able to finish watching the second season of Hannibal. A small spoiler alert, -- It broke my soul. Really, I was crying my eyes out when Hanni stabbed will, - And for a second I thought that at least Abigail was going to leave with him and go be happy somewhere , - But of
course not!
-spoiler alert over, - Oh god, it just made me want to see the third season like crazy! Lucky to know that one of my dear friends has the third season, (they were a big help for me while watching the first seasons n stuff, thank you <<3)

So that naturally means I'll be going to their house tomorrow, spend three days there watching Hannibal and crying. Sounds like a plan.

Before that I visited my father this one weekend, and went to see the Batman v Superman: Dawn of justice in the cinema with the best squad ever, two guys from my school that have become such a good friends I dont know how I even lived without them.

The movie was amazing, quite a surprise and gave so much feels I cried much more than I tought I would. The next movie to look forward to is Captain America: The Civil War, and I'm expecting a lot from it.

Then I visited Tampere last weekend, met my friends, sister and godfathers! I made some new friends too, and got some late birthday gifts ;; and bought myself my own Wolverine! It was so nice to meet my dear friends after such a long time, and I want to thank Jesari who made so much effort to make me comfortable <3 thank you! Also Thank you Hyu for all the cute stuff I got, and everyone in that group of ours that was amazing!

My sister had made a cake with her friend and it was delicious. It was great to see her again too, since she is the best bigsister anyone could dream to have. So are my godfathers, I got some delicious tea, and we watched the sitxth episode of Star Wars there! I had some really good time, Tampere is a city I've always liked and now I almost consider it as my second hometown.

But yea, tomorrow I'm heading to Tikkurila and have some really great time there. The friend of mine (I'm using "they/them" as the pronouns since I'm not sure if "she/her" is alright) has really been such a sweet and caring person, nothing could go wrong!

See you!

~ Zou

torstai 10. maaliskuuta 2016

Back to Finland!

We had to wake up early, so I had only time to drink one cup of tea.

We had packed our things yesterday night so I had to put  back only my makeup and such. Then we were going again, first to Tokyo’s railway station, and then to Narita airport. At the airport we got a surprise. My godfather who made this whole trip happen in the first place, had gotten me and my dad seats from the business class. I was so happy! Due to that we also got to use the Sakura Lounge, where we could eat and drink mostly anything we liked as much as we liked, for free. Well we didn’t really eat that much, but my tea cravings are always worse when I’m nervous so I was happy I could get some tea whenever I felt like it.

The athmosphere was peaceful and somehow luxuryous, if that’s even a word. I liked it, really.

The seats in the plane are also something I’d want to talk about. For everyone there’s their own space, with a wide seat and a tv. You can change the positions of your seat, or even make it a bed! You could also ask the air hostesses for pretty much everything, whenever you need to. The crew is extremely polite, one of the hostesses asked me before the take-off that ”May I take your coat?” .. I mean ”May I” – Take your coat”.. I could get used to this. I could also get tea whenever I needed to so everything was fine. More than fine. The food was delicious and we had a menu where to choose what we’d like to eat. There were two starters, the main  course and then the dessert. Also we got a wider selection of music and movies, I watched Star Wars: TFA and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

One thing I really liked is that when they asked me how I want my tea, you know, cold, hot, - I said warm, and I really did get my tea warm, and I could drink right away. I also did some schoolwork in the plane, I wrote four texts and made two powerpoints. I didn’t sleep a wink!

It was funny when we were starting to prepare for the landing and I was starting to repair my makeup, I asked one of the hostesses passing by that ”How do I look?”
Right after those words came out my mouth there was another hostess almost running to us, and they both started almost compeating about how much they could compliment me. They said that I was the cutest thing and that I was really really pretty, many many times haha!  I loved it, again, could get used to it!

Then we landed and they took us to the terminal by buss. I bought some chocolate to my mum, and  stepdad, and then everything was ready. The weather felt freaking Arctic, as if I was living in the North Pole. Well, one of the good things was that there wasn’t so many people. It didn’t bother me at all in Japan, I barely even noticed it, but coming back here I felt so relieved to walk down these almost desolated streets. Also big thumbs up for the traditional Finnish personal space +2m.

We missed a train so we had to wait an hour in Tikkurila. I snapchatted with my friends and read some fanfics.

I visited my dad shortly after coming to Kouvola, but soon I was going home. My mom wasn’t home yet but Tero was, and he was playing his bass when I got home. It sounds so cool, I love it when he plays something.

I was starting unpack my things when my mom got home. I showed them something I got and spent some time with them downstairs. Oh and my dear Siina too, I missed her terribly! She never left my side from the second I got in from the door!

I got some chocolate and two birthday gifts; shoes and a petticoat. Especially the shoes are absolutely great!!

Yea, peaceful night coming. School tomorrow, no time to waste now. I’ve been up with not as much as a minute of sleep 20 hours now, I need some rest if I’m going to survive the day in school tomorrow. I’ll also visit the teashop I used to work in!

See you!

keskiviikko 9. maaliskuuta 2016

Dinosaur Expo

Good Morning!

Today we we planned to visit the National Nature and Scientific Museum of Tokyo! There was also going to be a special dinosaur expo that started yesterday. Of course we were going there!

I love dinosaurs, especially T-Rexes and I'm 100% sure that the T-Rex is my spirit-animal. I also like microraptors, giganotosauruses, concavenators, eocarcharias and velociraptors really much!
There were also really interesting things about nature organisms, physics, space and the seas!

I really liked the place, the first part of the building told only about Japan, but the global area was the next and it was just as interesting. Then came the dinosaurs, and then we found our way to the expo. Together I saw 3 T-Rexes sceletons, they were magnificent! One of them was sitting, yeaaaa... It was funny actually, a sitting T-Rex!?

Yea, just a sitting T-Rex

Well at least I had a moment with my own kind.. lol

There was naturally also a museum shop and there I fulfilled one of my life-goals: I got myself a T-Rex stuffy! He's smol and fluffy but trying to be frightening, - just like me haha.

I also got myself an umbrella this morning. Before going to the museum we stopped at Ginza, and
went to see the Gozilla statue and to visit the Sanrioworld again. I wanted to get my umbrella there, - but there weren't any pink Hello Kitty ones left. Only pink/light one was My Melody, the rest of the Hello Kitty ones were red or black.. So I had to pick My Melody again. It's a shame, I like Hello Kitty the best but I'm kinda colour-nazi-- Everything pink is usually My Melody, and everything red is Hello Kitty..

But the umbrella is still cute, no doubts!

After the museum trip we got back to our hotel and relaxed a bit. I no-time we were on our way to Shinjuku, since the day was far too special to waste in our hotel room. Our last day in Tokyo for now.. wow. Tomorrow I'll be home again. Dayum.. I've really enjoyed staying here.

In Shinjuku we grabbed some dinner and went trough the CD stores again. The second one was the best, I found there almost every band I liked and got myself two Mejibray's singles and one Versailles' album. Not bad!

Then we got to our hotel. I bought some souveniers on the way but I'm so poor right now that if you get something from me, - I must really love you, haha! I'd really love to spoil all of my friends but I have so many that it's quite impossible.. Sorry~ ;;

Now I'll just take the last hot bath with tea and chocolate, pack my things and wait for tomorrow. It has been an amazing trip, all thanks to my godfathers who made this possible and to my dad who came with me. It's been amazing.

Still, I'm happy to see my friends, family and my lovely lovely babygirl (Siina) back home. Been missing them!

Phew, so this was it. I hope you're all safe and fine, I'll go and have my bath.

See you in Finland!


Visiting Nikko


Today we were visiting Nikko, a smaller village two hours from Tokyo to the North. Our train was delayed 20 minutes but otherwise everything was alright. I slept in the train and finished the Sense and Sensibility, - a little spoiler alert, - it was amazing! I loved it how happily it ended, Marianne ended up still on her feet and Elinor something back for her patience. Mr. Barton too, and Willoughby is the great example of what wrong decisions can cause.

- Spoiler alert over,- I loved it! Recommending it!

Nikko is on the list of World Heritage's World Legacies. Not really wondering why, the Place was beautiful! There were so much old shrines and temples, it was beautiful. I really liked it, the nature felt so relaxing and the whole athmosphere was peaceful.

We just wandered around and enjoyed the feeling. At one point I had to get some tea so we went to this café to get some. I also got my sister something from there too, since I still had some yens left.

If you'll ever visit Japan, remember that if you want to see some more traditional Japan, Nikko is the place to visit.

Then we got back to Tokyo, to rest and eat. I got a nice, warm bath and drank at least six cups of tea that night. Tomorrow would be my last day in Tokyo for now, I'm feeling a bit sad about it.

Hope you're all alright and good!


maanantai 7. maaliskuuta 2016

Shinagawa Aquarium!

Today we were going to visist the Shinagawa Aquarium!

First we went to get some breakfast from a store nearby, I got mysels strawberry sandwitches and strawberry milk. It was delicious! I don't think I'll ever drink normal milk again haha.

To me it was really interesting, since I'd like to become a sea biologist in the future. Really! I've always been interested in things related to sea, and I love especially whales and sharks.

We took a metro first, but changed to a train before we got there. It rained and we had to walk about 5 minutes, so my hair was kinda ruined when I got there. It was okay though, I didn't get too anxious.

All of the fishes were so cute! There were penguins and seals too, and sharks! Dolphins too, yes. I'm not going to say anything wether it is right or wrong to keep animals such as dolphins and seals as captive, - there are so many ways to see things. I'll let you know that I don't approve it, yet I still enjoy being able to see such creatures closely and all.

We saw one seal show and one dolphin show. Then we just wandered around and listened this one man telling about dolphins in Japan's seas. It was so interesting! There were also many noticeboards telling about all different kinds of whales.

There were two sharks too. Or three, but two great whites were in the same tank and the one smaller was with other fishes. They were so beautiful! I don't see them as cold blooded killers, no! I think they're beautiful and magnificent and clever!

We had dinner at a restaurant that was also dolphin themed, haha! I had some tempura and rice, tempura is just sooo good!!

Then we decided to go to Akihabara to find a bag for my laptop and a new lens-protector to my camera since I lost the original one. I got a pink one of both! Getting back to our hotel we stopped at the grocery store again to get ice cream and breakfast for tomorrow, since we're going to  have an early moring.

We'll visit Nikko tomorrow! It's a small village above Tokyo. It'll be fun!

Only two whole days before I must leave back to Finland... Oh well, at least Im going to make the´se days count as well!

See you!

~ Zou

sunnuntai 6. maaliskuuta 2016

Back to Harajuku!

Good Evening!

We had breakfast at the hotel, and then we went out. We took the metro to Shinjuku, where we hadn't visited yet. We walked past this park, and came to this place where it looked like could be some CD stores. We searched and searched and were already losing hope, but there was a map in this one corner--!

There were two places I could find something I'd like. The other one would have death metal, black metal, heavy metal, etc, - and the other one would have punk rock and casual rock.

While searching the punk rock/rock option, we accidentally ended in the first option! I'm glad we did, since there was also Japanese metal, glam rock, Visual Kei.. I didn't get myself any black/death metal as I had planned, -- I got myself some Versailles, BORN and Femme Fatale. My dad found some Dio's CDs and was very happy, - I'm glad there was something for him too.

We didn't feel the need to find the other store since I got 3 CDs and dad got 2. We were heading to Harajuku!

While walking to the metro, just walking peacefully, I happened to turn my head right, -- and there he was. MADS. FREAKING. MIKKELSEN.

That's right. Mads Mikkelsen. The Hannibal- Mads Mikkelsen. In the shop window. On a poster advert. 6 times larger than the original. I don't know if it's that I haven't seen one episode of Hannibal in 8 days or what, but I just wanted to fall to the ground and scream. As if he was haunting me! There he was, his whole perfect being! Gosh! Why!? Handsome as always tho..

After like six minor heart attacks I was finally able to continue to the metro.

At Harajuku I knew what I wanted. I wanted at least 15.0mm wide circle lenses and a pack of lashes.

I think it's time to open up a bit. I hear comments such as "you wear too much makeup" and "you dont need all that" all the time. Everywhere. But let me tell you something, to me there isn't such thing as "too much" makeup. Everyone uses as much as they like, and for me it is difficult to be without a big amount of makeup.

As a living doll I find myself constantly looking for more different ways to look like a doll. I'm constantly insecure about my looks and tend to compare myself to everyone, though I know I shouldn't. Without makeup I feel like I'm not myself. That I don't really look like how I feel I should. It's a strange feeling. I don't know how to describe it.  But anyway.

I find myself to be something I consider as "decent" looking. I like to think that there is still things I can do to improve my looks and that comforts me really much. That's also one thing why I like being in Japan so much.

It's all here. It's not difficult to get myseld a pair of circle lenses or dolly clothes, because they're here. I can just walk into a shop! It's easier than ever for me to get anything I need to improve my looks and that makes me so happy!

So next time any one of you is even thinking about someone wearing "too much" makeup, consider that, that the individual may be finding great comfort and ease from the way they look with the makeup on, - do you really want them to feel bad about it? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Anyway, back to the shopping! I ended up visiting some more stores and crying over perfect dresses in Closet Child's sale. Brand dresses were 5,999yen at cheapest, so that was quite a no no.. So I visited Body Line's shop too in hope to find some cheaper but just as cute dresses! Well, I walked the whole Place through and found the shoe-shelf. There were these rocking horse- shoes. One of my dearest friends owns at least two pairs! I fell in love with the pink ones, they were so cute! But there wasn't any of my size left.. Sad. I could've made it with the white ones but the little perfectionist in me said that if I'm not fully satisfied, then I shouldn't buy them.

Then I went and finally got the lenses and lashes I came there for. The lenses are 15.0mm golden brown lenses from Contact Films, and the lashes are from Diamond Lash.

Leaving Harajuku I started to feel a bit weak and dizzy, so I got this C- vitamin drink. That helped a lot and was delicious too! Getting back to hotel I chatted with a few of my friends! Both of them are writing me a fanfic, so I gave them some details to go with and such. It was fun!

Then we were about to go out and eat smething. As I was putting my coat on, one button dropped to the foor! Oh no! I have to use my not-so-cute grey coat 'til I get to Finland to sow the button back on, gosh! I felt really anxious leaving the hotel room looking like that, but I got some tea after some time and that helped a bit.  Having tea always calms me down magically.

Then we stopped by at this Family Mart to get some dessert. I got Pockys and cookies, they were delicious!

Then I've just read and relaxed. I've almost finished the Sense and Sensibility!

See you soon, Love yah! *muah*